Our Mission: Education, Health, Economic Empowerment

Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnerships

At Bestbuddy Scholarship and Hope Foundation, we believe that the most successful partnerships are those which are mutually beneficial.

Why partner with a charity?

For a purpose-driven company like yours, supporting a small charity like Bestbuddy Scholarship and Hope Foundation can have heaps of benefits. It can help you generate positive PR, reach new audiences, motivate employees and improve retention rates through team-building activities and fundraising events. It is a good way to put your values into action in a tangible and effective way. Not to mention the feel good factor of knowing that you are making a big difference to people's lives. In addition you can:


- Engage even more stakeholders through a brand new approach that emphasises social purpose

- Scope and capture new sources of value within your business

- Provide opportunities to incubate new products and programmes to a ready audience

What's involved in a partnership?

The impact you and your colleagues will have by supporting one of our projects in Africa is literally life-changing!


You could help us by:


- hosting a fundraising event - we have plenty of ideas on how to make it fun, inclusive and successful;

- donating a small part of the profits from one specific product or day;

- promoting our work in your newsletter or on social media, thus giving us access to a new audience;

- providing pro-bono help and skilled volunteering;

- offering basic office supplies, meeting room access, or even a small office space;

- putting together a team to run a challenge such as a bike ride, a trek, or a run.

- we can help you create a unique, quality, team-building exercise or retreat in Africa, that we guarantee will be unforgettable.

Why us?

We work with sustainable, highly vetted partners in Africa so you can be sure that your partnership with us will have a long-term, lasting impact and will be a very positive experience.


There are many reasons to partner with us which we are very happy to expand on in a friendly informal call with you. They include:


- Funds go directly to the communities that we support through experienced local organisations who know their needs and cultural restrictions better than we do, there is no intermediary!

- Support local: Hire local staff and purchase local supplies from local suppliers to encourage sustainable livelihood solutions

- We don’t tell partners what to do, instead, we ask them what they need.

- We are supporting children and families in the poorest of the world's communities

- We make a BIG impact on a small team!