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Echoes from the past

When she started her humanitarian work in Calcutta India, her focus was on people no one else valued or had time for, the expendable people, who just did not matter. The deformed, the dirty, the diseased, the mentally ill, and the outcasts of the society. From the very beginning of her work in Calcutta, she tried to help those who were dying, abandoned on the streets of Calcutta. One day, she picked up a desperately sick woman. She wheeled her from one hospital to the other, trying to find a bed for her. Eventually, the woman died on the street because no one would take her in. She had to wheel it away from the corpse for a proper burial.

Truly, her heart was broken, but her spirit was strengthened with a higher resolution to serve humanity. Before she died in 1995, her charity work is fully operational in over 105 countries, with over 500 convents housing thousands of charity workers. Friends, meet Mother Teresa, originally named Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu at birth on August 26th, 1910, in Albania. She is the nun whose “mission of love” has helped millions of the world’s poorest people. When awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, she begged that the banquet be converted to cash and added to the prize money to feed her poor people. In 1964, the Pope gave her a Rolls Royce, and rather than bowling around in it, she auctioned the car and turned the car into more help for the poor. What a life of selflessness! What a blessed soul! Are you still self-centred, or ready to be part of the service of love to humanity? The ball is in your court, where it has always been.

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22 December

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